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Banjo NewsLetter September 2005 Review

Comments from Tranjo owners --

Tranjo #1<
Dear Sam,
I am in love. Tranjo #1 arrived at 2:30 p.m. today and I have hardly been able to put it down. It is everything I hoped it would be and more. It's louder than I thought, and, happily, it stands up by itself vertically! Did you plan that? I can keep it right here next to me at the computer and set it down and pick it up a LOT easier than a Mastertone. It feels solid. The workmanship and attention to detail are great. Though I know one of its most important features is that the neck comes off, etc., I have not had any interest in doing that. I just keep playing it.
Back to picking,

A few months later, Don sent me this update:
Sam, I am LOVING #1!!!!!!! I play it more than my full-sized ones. ...This is the most practical thing I ever bought. The sound just pops off the neck, I swear. Am I enjoying it??? Man, I am LOVING it. I have taken it to the Belmont Stakes (Smarty Jones) and I am taking it to Grey Fox this week, then taking it to my motel room in NYC while covering the Republican Convention. Am I enjoying it? You bet! Thanks, Don

Click for a picture of Don and his Tranjo at the 2004 WindGap festival

Tranjo #2 (with a picture)
Sam, Tranjo arrived! I've been playing with it since I got it home from work. It is definitely exactly what I was looking for in a travel banjo- it's small with the neck on, but (especially for business travel), just right when the neck is off. The volume seems perfect to me. I love the tone! I had listened to the sound sample on the site, but I confess that I am still surprised it sounds so much like a banjo. I know it is a banjo but - well, you know what I mean.
My brain was a little freaked about the missing head - it kept screwing up my left hand when I looked... but I'm already over that.
You should be proud - it's a fine and ingenious instrument, worth the money and the wait! I'm very glad I didn't settle for a smaller-scale travel banjo.

From Owner #3

Stephanie has been having a lot of fun with her Tranjo. It fits her very well. We're about to leave on a short trip and I pointed out it would easily fit in her suitcase but she replied that she's not sure she wants it that far from her!

From the owner of the first left-handed Tranjo
Hi Sam, I got the Tranjo yesterday in the mail. Very nice work! That walnut is beautiful. I took it down to my buddy's guitar repair shop and he was very impressed. He said you use his favorite tuners and the craftsmanship was excellent. I picked FMB in the store and at least 3 people asked me for your website. I go to 3 jams a week so you will probably be getting lots of hits pretty soon. I also posted a video on the Hangout. You should send me a bunch of business cards. I guarantee you I can generate some business for you up here. Well, thanks for your prompt and quality work and i'll be sending folks your way soon. Get some more pics of the walnut version on your website! it's gorgeous. Bye for now, Mike

Here's some video clips of Mike playing his lefty walnut Tranjo
2 Dollar Bill
Wabash CannonBall